Wojak Index

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How it works

The Wojak Index is the percentage of pink wojaks posted on the catalog in basis points. Thus the highest the Wojak Index can ever be is 10,000 (ten thousand), if every image posted on /biz/ catalog at that moment was a pink wojak.

wojak_index = 100 * 100 * pink_wojaks / total_images

For example, if the Wojak Index right now is 251, then 2.51% of OP images on /biz/ are pink wojaks. If all the images on the catalog were pink wojaks, then the Wojak Index would be 10000.

Wojak Index takes into account only the images on the catalog (although the original version tracked all images even the ones within threads) in order to fulfill to Bizonnaci's vision.

Pink wojaks are identified by primarily by color. Expect some false positives (looking at you, Uniswap).

Like the VIX, the WI is mean-reverting, unlike a price chart. It may spike but always returns to a baseline. It is unlikely /biz/ keeps posting pink fields for days. So as a trading indicator, the window of opportunity is short. BTFD or short the dip quickly, no time for hesitation.


Maybe you want to create a trading indicator or trading algo. All requests must be GET requests (HTTP).

  • https://api.wojakindex.biz/current_wojak_index.json
    the Wojak Index at the moment the request was made
  • https://api.wojakindex.biz/pink_wojaks.json
    filenames of pink wojaks detected in the last day
  • https://api.wojakindex.biz/wojak_index.json
    Retrieve the WI at a specified UNIX timestamp (in milliseconds). I only started collecting data since February 2021, so don't expect useful results prior to that. Example:

If you want to test it out, use curl or wget. Navigating to these URLs doesn't always work in a browser (dontknow, wontfix).

Documentation to come later (never).


Keeping this shit online isn't free. If this has given you a trading edge, feed my village.